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Zombies, Run! Kink Meme

it's just a fitness app, they said.

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ZR Six Word Drabble-Fest
dropbear_emma wrote in zombiesrunfic
Inspired by this.

Write a Zombies, Run! drabble in six words.

you can post as many as you like, but my only restriction is your comment should only contain one pairing. so you can have twelve "drabbles" for maxine/paula in the same comment, but a janine character study needs its own comment.

in the subject line, write the pairing/character and any relevant spoiler warnings.

Prompt Post Chatter Post

S3M10 spoilers; Simon Lauchlan.

He laughs as he awaits death.
What doesn't kill him hurts forever.

Humming as he dons the disguise.
Phantom's in a minor key already.
Honestly, he had always preferred "Joseph".
Perhaps a coat, matching the mask?
But Joseph was heroic. Unlike him.

"What made you do it?"

But what if there's no God?
Some sick joke this is, then.

A bullet through the eyes, Jenny.
Do it for old times' sake.

He has eternity to regret it.

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S2M39 spoilers; Sara Smith.

She never wanted immortality, it's just--
It wasn't her time to go.

Dead inside. And now outside, too.

Four cuts. Back of the neck.
It doesn't even hurt, Paula says.

Her emptiness doesn't weigh her down.

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S3 spoilers, ambiguous Sara or Simon

I always knew I was damned.
But I found hell on earth.

The mother became the grave digger.

Buried a leg. Dug a grave.



That's awesome.

She’s too young to be eaten.
By a leopard — or a zombie.

S3 Spoilers; Simon

she had always known that I
was born with sin inside me

"ripe with sin" haunts my dreams

Carena. A measurement of his failures.

He clings to all that's left.

Thirty pieces of silver: Sorry Jenny.

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Re: Simon (S2M39)


Those memories are worth fighting for.

I'm starting to forget your face.

S3 Spoilers, Simon/Janine

my fear was always losing you
I never though I'd fear you


"I love you" would betray me

S3 Spoilers; Simon

"Body beautiful" wasn't enough after all


My debt to pay was steep
It cost a hand and face
yet still the bill added up

Sam's four Fives blend all together.
Some days, he forgets the hospital.
He anticipates Alice at the door.

Five burns. Inhumanity in a needle.

He can't remember what normal is.

Sam learns to watch them die. Sam learns to let them die.

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