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Zombies, Run! Kink Meme

it's just a fitness app, they said.

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straydog733 wrote in zombiesrunfic
Hello everyone! It's been a while since this kink meme has been up and running, but with a new season of Zombies, Run! just around the corner, I think it would be a great time to try and resurrect this thing from the dead (and hope it's not a crawler).

This is a fresh prompt post so that things will not be so cluttered, but feel free and welcome to go through older prompt posts to look for anything you would like to write. Just try to put your new prompts here, so they will be easier to find.

Both prompts and fills can be done anonymously or logged in (so if you're new to writing porn, you can jump in without fear).

And while it's called a kink meme, feel free to post non-smutty prompts and fic as well. Fluff has to be someone's kink too!


1. Don't be a dick.

2. Be nice.

3. Have fun.

4. SPOILERS. If relevant, put SPOILER: Mission 9 (or whatever) in the subject line. It'll make everyone happy.

5. If your prompt or fill involves things that commonly need trigger warnings (rape, sexual assault, that sort of thing), put them in the subject line. When in doubt, warn.

6. No smutty fic of underage characters. Let's just not go there.

7. Not a rule, but our delicious account is here.

So let's jump in and have some fun. Last one in's a crawler!

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Maxine/Paula, Sneaking into the Lab

Maxine used to sneak into Paula's lab for some late night booty calls. How did that start, and did they ever almost get caught?

Jack/Eugene, Showering

The showers at Abel have to be cramped and not that romantic, but there is still something to be said for some wet and slippery fun with your partner.

Sara/Janine, Dangerous Flirting Over Drinks

In the 5k app, Sara invites Janine to spend some time talking over a bottle of wine, and Janine asks if she was trying to seduce her for information.

No matter what the motivation, let's see these two dangerous ladies spending some time together over a glass of wine.

Phil/Anyone, Sheep

Phil takes someone out on a date to look at the sheep.

Jack/Eugene, Spoilers for Season 3 Radio Mode

Spoilers for Season 3 Radio Mode


Multiple weddings = multiple honeymoons. Which was their best honeymoon? Their worst?

Sam/Runner 5, Spoilers for S3M60

Spoilers for S3M60


Sam and Runner 5 reuniting after the final battle, and talking about the upcoming baby.

H/C, fear of school Sam/any

Education must always go on, even in Abel. So the runners try to salvage books, notes, anything that was used to teach kids and teens and university students. Since Sam had the most recent university experience, he is supposed to try to teach people the stuff. He feels confident teaching stuff up to middle school level, but when he sees high-school/uni stuff he gets flashbacks to nights without sleep, to sitting in class with an ache in his stomach hoping that he would just get a pass on that test, to teachers who'd look at him across their glasses with disapproving eyes, telling him just to apply himself.. So Sam is basically hurting but he doesn't wanna tell any one cause he's a grown ass man for god's sake, he should be over this by now, and how can school be worse than zombies.
And then there's comfort (by maxine/paula? by simon? by his great hero runner 10?, by Janine?)

(ok OP has a bit of a school trauma sorry)

runner zero in the forest of fear. WITH TENTACLES.

please tell me I'm not the only one who was like, 'well I've seen enough anime to know where THIS IS GOING' during the Runner Zero in the Forest of Fear radio play? like idk man it's a kinkmeme it's pretty much obligatory to have tentacles

alternative prompt: simon getting railed by one of van ark's tentacley experiments.

jack/gene, frotting/intercrural sex

also my kingdom for more radio bfs frotting and intercrural sex fic. like there's a lack of lube and condoms and sometimes you don't really want to suck a dick when your partner hasn't had the chance to shower lately but they're also really hot so you kind of want to rub yourself all over them anyway?

(unrelated but how much do we all love SD for reviving the kink meme right now)

Rajit’s improvements to the showers had clearly been made with the purest of intentions. Ever since The Slipping Incident, there had been a rush to make at least one of the shower stalls disability-friendly, and the largest stall was now outfitted with the best the apocalypse could offer. Anti-slip matts had been added there first, along with a stool in the corner, and best of all, several hand grips bolted into the walls at different heights, sturdy enough for someone to pull themselves up by. Now Rajit could shower without fear of falling when his foot cramped up, Jeong-min from the kitchens could bathe without getting her wheelchair wet, and Runner 16, Lorna, had something to hold onto when her head injury sent another wave of vertigo her way. The additions had a lot of useful and essential applications.

It was just a happy bonus that the handles gave Eugene something to hold onto while Jack plastered himself against his back and slid his cock between his thighs.

“Oh, fuck, yes,” Gene groaned as the head of Jack’s cock hit right behind his balls again. Jack’s response was muffled into his shoulder, a sigh of hot breath on his wet skin. It wasn’t a steamy shower, there wasn’t enough energy in Abel to spend that on a luxury, but the tepid water splashing down on Gene’s head was a relief, a soothing counterpoint to the burn in his arms as he held on for dear life. One of Jack’s hand wrapped around him to jerk his cock in quick strokes, while his other gripped Gene’s hip and held him steady.

Gene pressed his partial leg against the trembling full one bearing his weight, bringing his thighs together around Jack’s shaft. Jack’s hands squeezed him hard, and that moan had to be audible three stalls down. Gene didn’t care.

Standing sex had never been a particular kink of his before he lost the leg; fine on occasion, but more inconvenient than anything. Now he had something to prove, more to himself than to Jack or anyone else.

Shower sex, or at least some sort of messing around while bathing, that had been one of his passions before the apocalypse. But the previous times they had come up in the shower rotation, it had not been sexy at all. It had been a mess of feeling unsteady and helpless, of clinging to Jack’s shoulders around his crutch to keep his balance, and biting into his own arm while they cleaned the sutures together. The first times he had had to experience a truly clean and very naked Jack, and he had been in no state to appreciate it. That was going to change this time. He rocked back around Jack’s cock and smirked at the shower walls when he groaned.

They probably didn’t have much time left, Rajit would cut off their water any minute now. But he was determined to see this through to the end. He leaned forward and braced one elbow against the shower wall, and pried his other hand off the handle to grab at Jack’s hip, to pull him forward tight against him. A string of curses was hissed into the back of his neck, and he could feel Jack’s hips stutter in their rhythm. The slide between his legs, eased by water and sweat and a trace of precum, sent sparks shooting up through his own belly, all of the friction against sensitive bundles of nerves. Jack’s hand around his cock sped up, squeezing and twisting over the head at the top of each stroke, and had him short of breath.

The pipes thunked above them and the stream of water cut off abruptly, leaving only a trickle coming out of the bare pipe sticking out of the wall. Without the sound of the water to cover it, their panting and groaning suddenly seemed far louder, filling up the whole stall, just them and the dripping water. But Jack was shaking behind him, so close, and if he squeezed his thighs together just right, he could almost-

Jack’s whole body jerked when he came, and the movement drove Gene forward, and his foot out from underneath him. He flung his other hand back out for the handle and did a pull up to get himself balanced again, teeth gritted with the strain.

“Oh, god, Gene, I-“

“Don’t worry about it, I’m fine, just don’t stop.” He could feel Jack’s cum sliding down the inside of his thighs, and he just wanted to reach his own climax, to prove that they could still make this work. He rocked his hips forward into Jack’s hand to try and break him out of any worrying. “Come on, please, come on.”

Jack thankfully got the hint. He pressed himself entirely flush with Gene’s back, wrapping his free arm around Gene’s chest to hold him steady and pressing kisses into the curve of his neck while he jacked him harder and faster. A knot of pressure in his belly, just reaching the breaking point, and he muffled a yell into his bicep when he came, splattering cum across the shower wall.

His muscles went slack, and for once he didn’t feel at all guilty about having to lean back into Jack’s arms to catch his breath. Jack pressed kisses to the side of his face, murmured sweet goofy nothings, and petted his hands all over his wet skin, slipping through the water and last traces of soap. Even without all of the usual benefits of shower sex, the warmth and time to luxuriate, this was what Gene had been craving.

Outside the door of the shower stall, there was a pointed cough. Rajit’s voice was sharp, and far too close.

“There’s a sponge and a spray bottle of cleaning solution out here. It is not in my job description, cleaning up after…that.”

After staying standing the whole time, it was almost the giggles that finally drove Gene to the floor, but thankfully Jack was there to catch him. Even when he was laughing just as hard.

cat burglars

Zoe and Lou banging on a BIG PILE OF MONEY.


Abel's holding a party for its runners, Sam never knew Five could dance, they've been staring at each other all night while the other isn't looking. Simon notices, and decides to play matchmaker. He succeeds, explicit things follow. Female!Five, with no major plot spoilers please!

Face Sitting - S3 spoilers

Amelia road tests Simon's new face. :D

Sam/5, public for science!

5's been completely, entirely mute since she came to Abel.

Except...during her first really intense, going-somewhere make-out with Sam, she suddenly whimpers. Holy. Shit.

Cue Maxine trying to figure out how this happened,recruiting Sam again to try to reproduce the results, stage fright, using the headsets for privacy, and, for bonus points, radio boyfriends eavesdropping on their own set thinking it's funny until it's not.

Re: Sam/5, public for science!


Sam/5 with trans!Sam

There's so much Sam/5 and Sam/reader smut fic but, sadly, none that fit my trans dude Sam headcanon. Any kinks are fine by me.


Confession and Penance. Go wild ^_~

Sensation Play, Spoilers for S3M60

Spoilers for Season 3 Mission 60
Conceiving the baby is the first time Sam has ever had sex without a condom. Discuss.

S3 finale spoilers

There's no artificial insemination post-apoc, so that Yao/Myers baby has to be made the old fashioned way. Please write me the most awkward sex between two people who don't really want to bang but do want to procreate ever.

Sam/Five <= Moonchild (spoilers, s03e46 and beyond)

ZR fandom, I am immensely disappointed at the lack of yandere/possessive-and-jealous!Moonchild in love with Runner 5, especially after she blatantly tried to murder the hypotenuse.

So, that. Set at any time during the story, Moonchild has decided that she and Runner 5 are definitely meant to be, man, but Five keeps talking about (or has gone back to) that blasted Sam Yao. Just...anything exploring that theme, including retelling 3e46 from Moonchild's demented point of view. I just need more of this dynamic, please!

5x8 birthday smut

Just make it kinky please.

Janine and Kefilwe (Slight spoilers for S4E36 "Back in Black" or S4E37 "Cherish")

I just listened to these episodes and OMG. I can't get over Janine requesting Kefilwe's presence in Zed 92 because Kefilwe is good at handling "distressing" situations. Could I have something about Janine drawing on Kefilwe's strength in some way? It doesn't have to be related to these episodes. Sex is optional but always awesome.

Eugene/Jack, Dom/sub relationship during the apocolypse

Just because I like the dom/sub scene. Not to be confused with the sado/masochism scene.

Now, onto the actual prompt.

Eugene and Jack are in a Dom/sub relationship, with Eugene as the Dom, becuase despite his shaky start on Radio Abel (moving from writing to speaking can be hard I know), he sort of just has that vibe about him, and Jack... Well... the whole thing when Eugene was sick... tell me you don't get adorable submissive heading ever so slightly for subdrop there and just how he was afterwards... well...

Anyway, how would that sort of relationship play out in Abel township and with the zombie apocolypse going on around them. I'm not talking chains and whips, restraints or gags or sextoys or things like that. I'm talking just two people, in love, who just happen to fall into this dynamic.

anyone willing to take up the challenge?

Eugene/jack insecure jack Eugene/jody

Anyone up for writing a fan fiction where jack is left feeling insecure for some reason about his relationship with Eugene. It's pretty accepted (I think, still on season one here) that jack is completely gay while Eugene is bisexual? Am I right? And with the need to repopulate the world at some point I assume everyone will be drafted.

I would love something where jack is worried that the opportunity to have a family and stuff normal stuff will lead to Eugene leaving him, and how Eugene sorta this all out by being awesome.

I'm hoping jody survives because I would love her as the woman, and being all wonderfully jodyish!

And if you could squeeze in some issues with jack needing to have sex with a woman and how off kilter that makes him feel (in a 'I really don't wanna have to do that again please don't make me')

Maybe they pair one woman with a pair of gay men and one man with a pair of gay women, I now have visions of jack ending up watching jody and Eugene and getting more and more insecure by how great they seem together. Yeah.... Gonna stop now....

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