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Zombies, Run! Kink Meme

it's just a fitness app, they said.

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Prompt Post
dropbear_emma wrote in zombiesrunfic
Here is where you put your prompts!  In the subject line, put any relevant spoiler warnings/triggers and a short description of your prompt (if it's spoilery, better not -- I mean, what's the point of saying "SPOILER: MISSION 134.  Sam Yao's funeral"?).  In the body write your prompt.


The old rules were making me feel self-conscious (shh, this entire kinkmeme makes me feel self-conscious) so I have made them more succint:
1. Don't be a dick.

2. Be nice.

3. Have fun.

4. SPOILERS.  If relevant, put SPOILER: Mission 9 (or whatever) in the subject line.  It'll make everyone happy.

5. Not a rule, but our delicious account is here.

Prompt Post Chatter Post Drabble Fest

The first time Jack and Eugene hook up after Eugene's amputation, and all the awkwardness that comes with it. Bonus points if Eugene was used to topping prior to his leg, but they find that's nearly impossible now. BONUS BONUS points for really, really, severely mistimed pirate jokes on Jack's part.



Sorry, it didn't fit here!

(...more middle school style snickering.)

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Paula and Maxine's first date!

chu~ (http://archiveofourown.org/works/520720)

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Largely inspired by the threads on Tumblr at the moment (check the Radio Abel tag, and thewondersmith and thischarmingand's tumblrs), could I request Eugene meeting the Holdens? Especially over the holidays.

Filled with unseasonable Christmas cheer


Technically I wrote about the second time Eugene meets the Holdens, but I hope that works for you! Now I really want an eggnog.

So you know how after Jack's weird cheetah dream he and Eugene get the necessary equipment to start running robo broadcasts on the station, and then go off to sleep for what sounds like the first time in quite a while? I have always assumed there is super adorable sex during that break. Would also be happy with sleepy making out, sleepy snuggling, etc. Basically just adorable overtired radio boyfriends plx.

shrieks with delight yes this is a good prompt

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I feel kind of bad for posting prompts faster than I can fill them (I'm working on them, I swear!) but could I request a J/E fic where Jack works at one of the pop-up restaurants Eugene checks out prior to the outbreak? Bonus points for Jack being the most terrible, very, very not-good waiter ever.

I didn't even know I wanted this until just now.

An AU where the outbreak never happened. (It seems weird, requesting a non-zombie version of canon when typically it's the other way around for me, but hey.) Half of me wants to ask for something adorable and sweet, like Eugene and Jack meeting without-- you know, the undead and amputation and all that, but the other half of me wants to DESTROY EVERYTHING I LOVE and request something horrible, like them coming so, so close, but never actually meeting.


With the help of a blindfold, Jack teaches Eugene that it's not what he sees that he likes about his partner, it's that and everything else. The fact that the sex is great doesn't hurt either. ((Or, Eugene is self-conscious about his missing leg and having sex after the amputation; Jack finds a way to help him through both issues.))

just reminding everyone that this prompt exists because I had no idea how much I wanted it until just now.

It's just not a kink meme without...genderbending! Jack & Eugene would be grand. Or perhaps girl!Sam and Five-of-your-choice?

Bless you, dear anon. Yes. Yes I would very much like this.

TW: Mission 9

Sam/Five, Sentinel/Guide AU wherein Sam is the Guide and Five is the Sentinel. Cue the events of Mission 9.

Something set in HP! Maxine and Paula are sassy Ravenclaw girlfriends! Sam is a Hufflepuff! Jack has the world's scrawniest, moultiest owl ever and abuses the thing terribly by giving it big stupid packages to send to his Canadian boyfriend! Alice is a Quidditch star! MORE AWFUL SWEATERS!

Wow I hope I did your prompt justice? It was a blast, although I didn't really emphasise the Puffness of Sam.

Jack/Eugene, Doctor Who AU, One of the boys is a Time Lord, the other his companion. They get mixed up in the events of the game, and can't get to their TARDIS because, y'know, zombies and all. Go.

gently weeping into my pillow because this fandom is the best fandom

I would KILL for a Zombies Run/Newsflesh crossover. Shaun and Three hanging out and pranking each other with zombies? Sam Yao meeting Buffy (I can only imagine it's instant fangirly love)? Hell, JANINE meeting Buffy and bonding over technical wizardry? George hunting down all the secrets of Netrophil and Pandora Haze?

The fall. If Jack had been the one who'd gotten hurt, instead of Eugene.

Thiiiiis is not exactly what you asked for, anon. But points for trying? Also you should get a prize of some kind for writing the most depressing prompt on the kinkmeme. Maybe a VIAL OF MY TEARS?


J/E- if they'd ended up at New Canton, instead of Abel.

Instead of being a food critic, Eugene writes about music. Jack is in an indie band that, despite not actually being very good, has somehow developed a bit of a following online. Bonus points for awkward interviews and questionable magazine covers.

anon, why are you in my head? this is basically my zombies, write! prompt.

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